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Centering Pregnancy Begins July, 2018

Prenatal care at CWCC is about to change for the better. We are slated to implement the innovative, group prenatal care program in our practice with the first group being held on July 19, 2018. This "founders group" will include soon-to-be mothers with a due date in January, 2019. Once care has been initiated at a traditional appointment with one of our providers, patients are assigned to a group based on their due date. Initial confirmation visits will include labs and ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and establish a due date. Patients must be registered in the group by their provider and may not attend group without permission from their provider.

Do I have to join Centering or can I opt for traditional prenatal care appointments?

We ask that you attend the first two groups to experience the different type of appointment. Evaluation of the over 500 Centering sites around the country have shown a patient satisfaction rate of over 95% but many patients said they had to try it first to see how helpful it was. If you feel that this type of care may not be for you, you may opt for traditional prenatal care visits after your first group.

All ten group visits are scheduled before group begins. (For example, July 19th is the first group and the rest of the scheduled visits will be on August 30, Sept 27, October 25, November 15, November 30, December 13, December 27, January 10 and a reunion visit to bring the babies back into the office on February 21.) Timing of the group visits is still to be determined but the group visit will take place at the same time with the same provider on every date. Significant others may attend group with a patient but we ask that they commit to all group visits.

EASE OF SCHEDULE Our Centering program allows patients to make arrangements for all of their prenatal care appointments, including child care, transportation and work accommodations to be scheduled. Our staff will assist in arranging transportation for eligible patients. We have found that resolving these issues increase the ability for patients to participate fully in their prenatal care plan.

NO WAITING Each group runs for two hours, beginning and ending on time, including health assessment, education, group discussion and even some private time with your provider. Some of the components of prenatal care may be scheduled within your group time, such as vaccines and the glucose challenge test done during session five. Ultrasounds will be scheduled as conveniently as possible for each patient.

EXTENDED TIME WITH PROVIDERS Each group will give you a brief period of private time with your provider for measuring your belly and listening to your baby's heartbeat. At this time, any questions that may not be addressed in group may be asked and if a traditional visit needs to be scheduled, we can arrange for that if necessary.

If you are interested in Centering Pregnancy, group prenatal care, please contact us to review the details with our staff and schedule appropriate appointments.

Our Centering Pregnancy implementation has been funded by a Community Grant from the March of Dimes. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring this program to West - Central Georgia.

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