First Trimester

What happens at my first prenatal care appointment?

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What are the genetic screenings available to me?

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What is Maternal Fetal Medicine and why would I be referred to this type of specialist?

Second Trimester

What is an anatomy scan and when do I get it?

When am I screened for Gestational Diabetes?

Third Trimester

When should I take a Childbirth Education Class?

At which hospital will I delivery my baby?

Labor and Delivery

Where will I deliver my baby?

Who will deliver my baby?

Do you offer Trial of Labor After C Section, also known as TOLAC or VBAC?

Postpartum Care

When will come back for my postpartum visits?

When can I start contraception?

What are the signs and symptoms of post partum mood disorders like depression or anxiety?

Common Prenatal Questions

What foods should I avoid while pregnant?

How soon should I schedule my first prenatal care appointment?

What medications can I take while pregnant?

How much will it cost for my prenatal care?


What is a CenteringPregnancy group like?

Can I participate in the CenteringPregnancy group sessions?

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