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5 Reasons to Choose Evening CenteringPregnancy

For some parents, scheduling prenatal care visits can be difficult. Juggling work schedules, childcare support and other obligations of both parents can limit their ability to attend visits regularly. At CWCC, we have committed to provide the best care in a comfortable and friendly setting at the most convenient times possible.

1. CenteringPregnancy, our group prenatal care program, provides up to 20 hours of time with your provider. Each session includes an assessment by the provider with time for questions and discussion of sensitive topics. In addition, up to 6 women and their support people, will participate in an interactive and educational discussion focused on topics relevant to the group's gestational ages.

2. Group prenatal care offers a safe and supportive environment for our patients and their chosen support person. Attending groups can strengthen the bond between them and the education they receive together in group will benefit them through their pregnancy and postpartum.

3. Evening groups minimize disruption of your work schedule and/or allows more options for child care while attending your prenatal care visits. After establishing care with our practice, your CenteringPregnancy sessions will be scheduled through the end of your pregnancy. This allows for any necessary plans to be made well in advance.

4. Insurance companies provide the same coverage for group prenatal care as traditional prenatal care.

5. No Waiting! The reality of traditional daytime appointments are that they often involve waiting. CenteringPregnancy sessions begin and end on time. Depending on the size of the group, sessions may last from 90 minutes to 2 hours.


Contact our Centering Coordinator, Shannon Busch, at for more information or with any questions regarding CenteringPregnancy. To schedule an appointment to establish care with our office and enroll in CenteringPregnancy for our next group, visit .

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