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Community wide increase in COVID-19 Cases tighten office restrictions.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we feel that it's necessary to reinstate restrictions in our practice. Please respect our need to protect our staff and patients from potential exposure to this unpredictable virus by adhering to the following policies. We can work together to slow the spread of this virus that has overwhelmed the healthcare system and led to illness and fatalities globally.

Arrive ON TIME, not early, to your visit. This allows for us to provide proper physical distancing in our waiting room.

To enter our office, you MUST wear a MASK at all times. We have limited supplies of protective equipment for our staff, so please bring your own mask with you.

Arrive ALONE to your appointment. No guests are permitted to accompany you to your visit. At this time, our only exception is to allow ONE ADULT GUEST to accompany you to an obstetric ultrasound only. Your guest may wait for you outside the building and you can call them to join you when they call you back to your appointment. We reserve the right to reverse this policy at any time based on public health recommendations.

NO CHILDREN may come into our office, unless they are secured in a stroller or car seat the entire time they are in the office. Our staff is not permitted to hold, comfort or supervise any babies or children at any time.

If you are experiencing any fever, cough, shortness of breath, body aches, loss of smell or any other COVID-19 associated SYMPTOMS OR been in contact with anyone who has had any of those symptoms, PLEASE RESCHEDULE your appointment for at least 14 days from your last exposure or resolution of symptoms. If you are unsure whether to cancel or reschedule, call the office and ask to speak with our nurse.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, call (706) 341-3311 or email and we will reach out to you.

Thank you for your cooperation during this time.

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