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Safer at Home - A Message from CWCC

We know you are tired of things like wearing masks and limiting your activities with people outside those who live in your household as much as possible but the time to do these things is more crucial than ever. Our cases have significantly increased in our community, affecting the lives of many of our neighbors. Our area was successful in limiting the spread of this virus by adhering to the "stay at home" orders back in April.

We can do it again! We may not have MASK MANDATES or SHELTER IN PLACE ORDERS but as a community, we can make a difference to slow the spread by following the CDC guidelines voluntarily as good citizens.

To do our part, we have started to limit the patients coming through the office to "essential visits only" until further notice. We plan to resume our regular schedule as soon as we feel it is safe to do so. This allows our patients to come in contact with as few other patients as possible and provides our staff enough time to thoroughly disinfect between patients encounters.

Wearing a face covering properly is REQUIRED while inside the practice at all times with no exceptions. If you arrive at your visit without a mask, you will be asked to wear one. If you do not have one, you will be required to go get one and reschedule your visit. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide masks to patients arriving without one. Please help us to care for you during your scheduled visit by arriving with a mask.

We wear them for you. You wear them for us. Let's protect each other.

If you feel sick, please stay home. Not just from our office but everywhere. Every symptom we experience is not Coronavirus but as we have seen over several months as they have added common symptoms that people are experiencing, we just don't know enough. If you are pregnant and experiencing common symptoms of this virus, please get tested. There are many opportunities for testing in this area. We cannot predict who will be seriously affected by the virus and early detection and intervention is a key part of protecting your own health and in turn, the health of your baby. If you are wondering if you should get tested, call us during office hours and you can discuss your options with our nurse.

Lastly, as our local hospitals fill with patients affected by the virus, consider the dangerous situation we are creating for both healthcare workers and ourselves. Our area hospitals are already very close to the point where they simply cannot take any more patients. When this happens, patients will be diverted to other hospitals in communities that have available beds. When neighboring communities are experiencing the same crisis, the amount of effort it takes to get proper care for sick and injured patients increases significantly. Doctors, nurses and other essential hospital staff will be working long hours to keep up and given our current rate of increase, will have to make some impossible life and death decisions for their patients. We can help by reducing transmission of the virus. In this time of uncertainty, this is the ONE THING we can do.


Stay home. Wear a mask when you can't stay home. Wash your hands frequently.

Distance yourself physically from people outside your household when in the community.

Our situation is going to get worse before it gets better but we can be part of the solution!

If you are interested in daily data driven updates on this public health crisis is affecting Georgia, consider following Amber Schmidtke, PhD on Facebook for daily updates and analysis of the numbers released by the Georgia Department of Health.

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