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No Show and Same Day Cancellation

Your appointment time has been reserved for you to spend time with one of our providers, ultrasound technician or nurse to focus on your healthcare. When an appointment is missed or cancelled without time to fill the slot with another patient, we miss the opportunity to care for someone who may need to be seen.


Our focus at CWCC is consistent, comprehensive and patient-centered care. Keeping appointments or rescheduling when an appointment cannot be kept, allows us to prepare for your visit and properly care for each of you.


We provide multiple reminders via MyChart, text message and phone calls to allow you to confirm, cancel or reschedule your visit. Please take advantage of these options - you can notify us of a visit cancellation in your MyChart at any time of day and we will contact you to reschedule.


If your scheduled appointment becomes inconvenient or your are unable to attend, please contact us at (706) 341-3311 ext. 0 to discuss rescheduling.


Routine appointments $25 fee

Ultrasound and Procedure appointments $75 fee

Hysteroscopy Procedure with anesthesia $250 

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